Monday, May 12, 2014

UPDATED! Eyebrow Pictorial (ABH Brow Wiz)

Its been a while since I have made a blog post! Well first let me just update everyone, I finished my nurse aide classes and yes I got a job as a nurse aide. Its been hard going to school full time and working full time. But the semester ends this Thursday and so now I will have more time to do more blog posts! I like doing this, it just got difficult with school and work. Anyways, I thought a good and easy comeback would be an eyebrow pictorial so that's what I am doing.
Let's gets started!
My eyebrows have always been really light and thin. These are my eyebrows when they have been recently waxed and lightly tinted.

Step 1: Outline the bottom and top of the brow. I used to use eyeshadow with a brush to outline and fill in the brows but I recently started using Anastasia Beverly Hills and I fell in love! These brow wiz pencils are so pigmented, there is really no use for eyeshadow anymore. I use the Brow Wiz in shade Brunette for the outline and filling in.
Step 2: I fill in the brows with the shade Brunette, leaving the beginning of the brow empty. I then go in with the shade Soft Brown which is a shade lighter than Brunette and fill in the beginning of my brow. Once it has been filled in, I use the spoolie side of the Brow Wiz and soften out the beginning of the brow to make the faded/natural look.
Step 3: Once I brush out my brows, I use MAC Studio Finish Concealer in shade NW20 (yes it is way lighter than my skin) to clean and carve out my brows. I use an angled brush for eyeliner to put on the concealer. I use a this really light shade because when I use my foundation and eyeshadows it gives my brow the highlighted effect. Trust me when I say that it does not look crazy in real life! Do not use this for the top of the brows! If you use this shade for the top of the brows it will make your concealer really visible! 
Once I am done adding the concealer, I use a fluffy contour eyeshadow brush to buff out the concealer. You can also use your ring finger but be very careful, your eye area is really sensitive.

All Done! Here is a front view of my eyebrows a before and after shot. I really like this technique, yes it does take a bit of time but I believe it is worth it. Also, it took me a while to learn how to do my eyebrows, its not always easy but I know if you practice enough and actually try, anything can happen. 

Thank you for reading my post and thanks to little sister for inspiring and sorta helping me get back to my blogging. I hope this was useful, and I will come back to do more pictorials on some looks. Thank you, have a BEAUTIFUL WEEK!

Products Used:
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (Brunette & Soft Brown)
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • Fluffy Contour Brush
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW20)
  • Ring Finger
"You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine"
-John C. Maxwell

Friday, October 4, 2013

Skincare Routine (Night Time)

Hey guys!
I know I have been gone for a while. I really have no excuse. I just got super lazy and I lacked motivation to do a blog post. I really could not think of any new looks to post because lately I have been either wearing "natural" makeup or none at all. So I decided to do something different. I have never showed you all my skincare routine... I want to share it with my readers, I think it is about time! Lets gets started!
(Before and After)
(Excuse the bad quality)
I want to start with a before and after picture. I was wearing full face makeup, the whole enchilada! In the after picture is when I have washed and moisturized my face and cleaned my teeth. The quality is horrible because I was using my front camera of my phone. I did not think it looked that bad but it does. Sorry. Anyways, lets get started with the products and steps...BTW I have changed my eyebrow routine because I changed the shape of it. I might do an updated brow routine.
These are the products I use for my face/teeth. I bought these all in Walmart. Trust me when I say Walmart has great products with awesome prices! The only 2 things I bought somewhere else was the makeup remover and the Crest 3D Whitening Strips. I bought it at Target and the 3D whitening strips I bought at Costco. I will list the names of the products as I am going through the steps.

(This is the only picture where I do not include the package)
I started of by slowly and softly rubbing the towelette all over my face. In top right picture I am showing one side of the makeup removed and obviously the other is not. When it comes to removing waterproof mascara it should be done carefully. I have a bad habit rubbing really rough on my eyelashes to take of the mascara. Gently do so and your eyes will be fine. 

With my clean hands I add a generous amount of the scrub on my hands and start to rub it all around my face. Let me just say that this scrub is the best thing that has happened to me! I have nothing bad to say about this scrub. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and cool. I have sensitive skin when it comes to scrubs. I have to find a correct one or else I have allergic reactions to them easily. I have only used it for a couple of days and I do feel it cleanses my pores and the best part treats acne! Of course as you all can see, I breakout so much on my cheeks, it is not the business! When I am done, I pat dry my face with a towel that is specifically only for my face. Do not use the same towel that is used for the hands on the face because it has so much bacteria, it transfers to your face.

After I have patted my face with a towel, I go in with a cotton ball and pour astringent on it. I start by rubbing this product on my nose, this is where I have the most visible pores. Then I go where I have the most acne (which is on my cheeks). It does give me a burning feeling around my nose but it is not painful. Also, it does have a strong scent, so if you have sensitive senses I suggest get a less strong one. Other than that this product is really great. It feels awesome on my skin. It makes me know it is working with my acne.

When the astringent is dry, I add lotion on my face. I generally have oily skin and yes I do add lotion for dry skin on my face. Although my face is oily I like my face to feel moisturized and hydrated. I love this lotion because it does not feel heavy on my skin. It is super lightweight and it does not melt my makeup away. Lotion for dry skin tends to be thicker so it can hydrate the skin, I love that feeling on my skin. So yes, I am wear because I wear dry skin lotion on my oily face! I then brush my teeth with the toothpaste. Let me just say the 3D Whitening Strips works!!! I love it and I am so grateful for my sister because she showed me this! I saw results on her and so I am "let me get that!". I have never had the whitest teeth but with this it has made me feel more confident about my smile!

This is it for the day! I hope you all enjoyed my skin care routine. I will try and do more blog post. I love doing them and I love what I do but sometimes a girl needs a break. Thank you all for the support and for reading my posts. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and take care. Love you ... xoxo

WARNING: I will be starting my nursing assistant classes on Monday so it will get a lot more difficult to do blog posts. I will try my hardest to do it regularly.

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What's Next:
Updated Eyebrow Routine

"We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting"
- Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Look #4 (Inspired by Linda Hallberg)

I  am back with a new fall look. Today's makeup of the day was inspired by the amazing Linda Hallberg. It is a recreation from one of her recent looks. I decided this can be a fall look for a night out. It is almost like smokey effect. This look is super easy to recreate and all you need is 3 eyeshadows! First lets start off with the look I recreated...

This is a screenshot of Linda's picture from her Instagram. I tried recreating this look. It was actually super easy. In this picture it looks like Linda only uses 2 colors. I tried doing that also but I felt in my picture (which will be below) needed more "smoke" to it. So I added an extra color. I give all the credit to Linda Hallbergs because this is her look and picture. Let's get started on how to achieve this look...
** Face, brows, and cheeks are the same as yesterday's post. This blog post will only focus on the eyes and lips.

  • UD's Anti-Aging Primer Potion
  • Add MAC's Brownscript above the crease. Then blend without adding anymore product on the brush. Blend up to the brow bone.
  • Then with a flat shader brush add Gunmetal from the NAKED palette on the eyelid. I used a heavy hand on this step because I wanted the color to appear dark.
  • In the crease I used a dark brown with a dome fluffy brush. Blend the dark brown in the crease so Brownscript and Gunmetal can blend together and make a soft transtion.
  • On the bottom lash line I used Gunmetal with a small definer brush and added a heavy amount to create a smoke effect.
  • Clean off the excess of the eyeshadow and then go in with Brownscript and add this under Gunmetal. Try to connect the shade together. But make sure that you can Brownscript under Gunmetal.
  • Virgin to highlight the brow bone.
  • Maybelline's Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black
  • Maybelline's Mega Plush and Falsies Big Eyes mascara
  • Benefits They're Real Mascara
  • Since the eyes are so bold, I wanted to use a light pink or just clear gloss for the lips. We want the attention on the eyes and no where else. 
  • In Linda's picture she uses a nude color. I do not own a nude lipgloss or lipstick. So I went with a nude pink lipgloss.
  • It still looked great with this shade on your lips because it doesn't take away attention from the eyes.
  • This lip color is Jordana's LOL Super Shiny Gloss in the shade GR8.
Today's blog post was different because it did not involve all the steps to my face. It was mostly emphasized on the eyes and lips. Hopefully you all enjoyed it and I hope you can all recreate it. I give all the credit to Linda Hallberg, this is her look and picture (first picture).
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"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword"
- Charles Reade

Monday, September 16, 2013

Deep Purple Smoke (Inspired by Linda Hallberg)

I wanted to do another colorful look. So I did! Today's inspiration comes from Linda Hallberg. I love all her looks and I especially love recreating them. Hopefully you guys enjoy this look. Let's start off by showing which look I recreated. I give credit to Linda Hallberg because this is her look and picture.

This was a really beautiful look and I was so amazed by the pigmentation her shadows were. I recreated that look but obviously with what I have. It will never come out the same but I love recreating them. It is really good practice. Hopefully you all like this look and if you want to know how I got this look, just keep scrolling down...

  • Nivea Cremé to moisturize all the dry areas on my face
  • NYX's Concealer stick in shade Green to conceal all the redness on my skin and blemishes
  • MAC's Pro Longwear Foundation in shade NC35
  • NYX's Concealer stick in shade Beige to conceal a HUGE blemish on my cheek
  • MAC's Prep+Prime Highlighter in shade Bright Forecast
  • Revlon's Nearly Naked in shade Light
  • MAC's Brun eyeshadow
  • NYX's Concealer stick in shade Beige to carve out by brows and make them look clean
  • Coastal Scents small flat liner brush
  • Target's angled eyeliner brush
  • Angled brow brush 
  • Spoolie brush
All eyeshadows are from Italia Deluxe The Matte Perfect Match Color Chart
  • UD Anti-Aging Primer Potion
  • Tape on the outside of your eyes to create a sharp clean line
  • I started by using a blending brush and adding a brown shade above the crease. This will be our transition color.
  • Then with a tapered fluffy brush I added a deep purple only on outer portion of the crease. I then use a clean blending brush and blend this color out all over the crease.
  • I added more of this deep purple on the outside to create a smoke look.
  • I then went in with smokey grey color on the lower part of the outer crease and blended it only a third of the way in.
  • On the lid I used a light purple on the empty part of the lid.
  • In the tear duct area I used white. All these shade were matte.
  • On the lower lash line I used the deep purple with a small definer brush.
  • Maybelline's Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black
  • Maybelline's Mega Plush and Falsies Big Eyes mascara
  • Benefits They're Real mascara
  • Virgin to highlight the brow bone
Cheeks & Lips:
  • ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzer
  • Virgin to highlight the cheek bones
  • NARS Montego Bay Super Matte Lipstick
  • Jordanas LOL Super Shiny Gloss in GR8
This was Saturday's makeup of the day. I really love this look because it lets me experiment with new colors. Also because I love matte colors. I hope you all enjoyed this look and I hope you can try it out. This was a recreation to Linda Hallberg's look. Do not forget to check out her IG @lindahallbergs.
This is Linda Hallberg's look and picture. I give all credit to her. Thank you for viewing my blog and hope you all have a great week!

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"Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical"
- Sophia Loren

Friday, September 13, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

I see a lot of YouTube Gurus do this and I have been wanting to do it for my blog. So here goes nothing. Let' get started...
  1. I am very sarcastic when it comes to explaining something or telling a story.
  2. I am 5'2.
  3. I want to pursue a career in the surgical field.
  4. I had to wear braces for three years!
  5. I was born in Los Angeles.
  6. I am a Mormon.
  7. I have three sisters and one brother, I am the second to last child.
  8. My childhood dream was to become a professional break dancer. 
  9. When it comes to my personal space, I need everything to be clean.
  10. I do not eat ham.
  11. Seafood is my straight up weakness!
  12. One Direction fan, all the way, #DIRECTIONER
  13. I just got a twitter couple months ago.
  14. I hate math.
  15. I have bald spots on my eyebrows because I shaved them off once.
  16. When I was younger, I would pull my hair whenever I got mad.
  17. I am 18 years old and still don't have a drivers license. 
  18. I only watch soccer games when Mexico or USA is playing. 
  19. If not, only when the World Cup happens (which is every 4 years).
  20. I like being a loner.
  21. I am a homebody.
  22. I attended Girls Camp for 6 year and never did we sleep in tents or cabins (THAT is REAL camping).
  23. I don't know how to pluck/wax my own eyebrows.
  24. I have two dogs (pitbull and chihuahua).
  25. My favorite food is Pozole (Mexican soup).
  26. I don't like birthday cake.
  27. I like cheesecake instead.
  28. In my spare time I like to lay on my couch and nap for hours.
  29. My all time favorite TV show is GREYS ANATOMY, nothing could replace that.
  30. I have a burn mark on my right arm that looks like a raindrop.
  31. I've never been or ever will be on a sports team.
  32. I was born in August (summertime), but I HATE summer weather. 
  33. Laughing is the way of relieving how nervous I am.
  34. When napping, I get SUPER cranky when people wake me up.
  35. I started the acne stage in my last couple months of my senior year.
  36. I'm afraid of mosquitos and flies.
  37. I get scared easily, especially of the dark.
  38. I sleep with a nightlight.
  39. I share a room with my two sisters.
  40. I once had a dog that had puppies 3 times and everytime, most of them did not survive.
  41. I am a picky eater.
  42. I only shop at Old Navy.
  43. I do not know how to curl my hair, I have to ask my 16 year old sister to do so.
  44. I have naturally straight hair.
  45. I am a chatterbox.
  46. When I was younger I stepped in a stream and yelled out "Aaaahhhh! It's wet!".
  47. I fell off a zip line and got a gnarly scar on my head.
  48. I have been in 5 car accidents.
  49. My older sister and I have matching scars on our heads.
  50. I hiked HALF DOME!
I hope this lets you know a little bit more about me! It was hard to think of facts, I had to get my sisters help. But I like this tag! I hope you like it and find some interesting things about me! That was my blog post for the day! Have a great weekend! Love you guys!

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"Beauty is brought by judgement of the eye".
- William Shakespeare