Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Life Blog Post #1

Hey loves!
So I guess I can tell you a little about what has been going on in my life lately. I am about to graduate high school in 22 days, CRAZY! I am actually very excited to graduate, I am ready to start a new chapter in my life, which is YOUNG ADULTHOOD. I think I am ready to move on from my high school years, I know I will miss it a lot, especially because my 4 years of high school I was in a program called Health Academy. All the students in the program became a huge family. I will miss it terribly but I know after this I will have a better experience. I am going to go to a community college because I cannot afford to go to a 4 year but I am perfectly fine with that because I will still be going to school. I guess I can tell my followers on my blog certain things of my life. All my Keek and Instagram followers know my religious beliefs. I AM OPEN TO ANY RELIGIOUS BELIEF AND I ACCEPT ANYONE, AND WILL NEVER OFFEND ANYBODY. My sister will serve a Mormon mission, I am super excited for her. I know I will miss her terribly but the 1 year and a half will go by really quick. Am I thinking of serving a mission? I do not know yet. I am still debating, the mission isn't for everyone but it would be a nice experience to get.
I am really excited to be posting blogs of makeup because it is a hobby I am passionate about it. The funny thing is that I want to go into the medical field. I want to do something like nursing but not sure yet. Out of the no where I fall in love with makeup?! Like I never expected myself to be all about makeup. I am actually very happy I got into makeup because it is something I find fun and challenging. I love it and I hope all my followers love it too. Please check out my IG, I have a ton of pictures of makeup that I have done. Also follow my Keek, they are mini vlogs about my life and makeup. Feel free to leave comments, requests, and questions about anything. I will answer them all. I hope everyone has a great day, remember

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