Monday, June 24, 2013

Neutral Colors

So I know I have posted a similar look like this maybe two times, I do not know, but I promise it will be my last time. I do these looks when I go to school and school starts at 8am, so I do not have the energy or the patience to do something very outrageous but I promise I will do a colorful look by the end of this week. Okay so on this look I did not do step by step and I did not use a filter. So lets get started!

- E.L.F Face Primer
- L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-redness Primer
- Cover Girl Liquid Foundation in Buff Beige
- Revlons PhotoReady Translucent Powder

Eyes & Brows:
-UD's Primer Potion
-UD's Naked Palette:
  • Naked above the crease, this is going to be used as a transition color for the next color.
  • Buck, this is going to be in the crease and blend it out so it looks like the colors are transitioning together. 
  • Sin, this color is going to be all over the lid, in padding motions so the colors blend together. 
  • Virgin, this is going to be the highlight for the brow bone.
-Wet n Wild Gel Liner Fergie
- Maybellines Mascara:
  • Colossal Volume Express
  • Mega Plush Volume Express
- For eyebrows I used BRUN form MAC

-Milani Face Powder in Dark Tan
-Victoria Secret blush, I do not know the name but any light satin pink blush will do.
-Benefits Whats Up highlighter

Okay guys so this was my look for the day. I hope you can recreate them, I also hope this helps. I really wish you all the best of luck for tomorrow and much happiness. Do not forget to follow me on IG: @jackie_ulin KEEK: @jackie_themormon FB: Jackeline Ulin

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- Unknown

Friday, June 21, 2013

My first actually Pictorial, Pink and Silver Eyeshadow

Todays post is an actual pictorial. I know I said this before but today I did. So this is yesterdays look that I did for school. It was something simple but with a pop of color. I will post all the things I used and the tools too. Okay so I hope you all enjoy it.


1. So I primed my eyes with UD's Primer Potion and I used Naked from the UD Naked Palette. I put this color as you can see above my crease. It does not need to be clean, because it we going to cover it with a silver color.

2. Next I put a silver color in the outer corner, above and in the crease. Always blend so you will not have harsh lines. 

3. On the eyelid put a soft pink color, with a padding motion so the silver and pink look like they are transitioning together. It gives it a blending effect. 

4. It is not really noticeable in picture number but I put a highlight color on my browbone. It is the color Foxy form the UD Naked 2 palette. 

5. With a bent eyeliner brush just put black eyeliner with a small wing. I used Wet N Wild black gel liner. 

6. This is a bad picture but to finish the look just add your favorite mascara. I used Maybelline's Colossal black waterproof mascara.

So these are visual pictures of everything I used on my face and the tools also. I hope this is helpful and I hope you can recreate it. Okay well I hope everyone has a great day and I love you all. Thank you for sticking around to read my whole post. If there are any things you would like to see, or you want me to fix, or give me such a good advice, please feel free to comment below, or on my FB or just comment on my IG on any of my pictures. Thank you everyone.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nail Polish Review, POP Beauty Nail Glam

Hey so I am here today to do a nail polish review on the brand POP Beauty Nail Glam. I received these nail polishes as a gift for my graduation. I am super excited to share with you all my very first review. Okay so lets get started!

        (L to R)
Molten Kisses, Mulberry Magic, Pink Wink, Italian Ice, Golden Shimmer

First Impression:

So when I first opened the package, the colors were beautiful. The only color that I was least impressed about was the Molten Kisses, I am not really a fan about brown nail polish. Other than that I love all the other colors. The brush applicator is not crappy looking. The texture of the nail polish looks very watery and not really thick, but it looks very great. My favorite color out of the whole bunch is the Mulberry Magic. It is a pretty maroon/burgundy color. It looks like a color that can be worn with any other colors.  Now lets get started with the application on the nails.


So when I first applied the nail polish it looks like the color from the bottle. It does not disappoint. Like any other nail polish it does need two coats. Other than that it is such a great nail polish. I did swatch the other nail polishes on my nails but I did not take pictures. They are very pigmented. The only issue I  have is with the Italian Ice nail polish. It is supposed to be a nude pink color but it looks white! It does not look very nude pink to me. I was a tad disappointed because I was expecting nude pink but instead I got a white nail polish on my nails. That was my only issue with that color. 

Okay so I hope I did well on my very first review. I know it was not makeup related but it was beauty related. I hope this helped out some and I hope you decide if you want to buy it. They are great nail polishes. Remember this is all based on my opinion, no one elses and I was not paid to do this review. Okay well everyone, have a great day and I will be back tomorrow with a new post. I love you all. 

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shimmery Browns :)

Hey loves! Heres another look I want to share with everyone! Once again I forgot to take pictures of my eyes step by step.. I promise I will do it tomorrow!! Okay so lets get started! (My brow color looks brown but it really is not, it is actually a black brown color, I promise).

 Shimmery Browns

I started by priming my eyes with UD's Primer Potion.
On the outer corner and crease I used Buck from the NAKED 1, all the shadows I used are from that palette.
In the inner corner of the outer corner (if that makes any sense) I used Darkhorse.
All over the lid I used Sidecar, using a padding motion to avoid fallout and glitter all over your face.
As a highlight for my browbone I used Virgin.
For liner I decided to go for a more thin, less dramatic cat eye. I used Wet N Wild Gel Liner in Black.
For mascara I used Maybellines Colossal Volume Express.

Cheeks & Brows:
For the cheeks I used Milani face Powder in Dark Tan (bronzer)
I used Victorias Secret palette for blush in a really rosy pink blush.
For highlighter I used Benefits Whats Up Highlighter.
I use an angled brow brush to fill in my brows, I use Brun from MAC.

On my T-zone, so my cheeks, chin, and forehead I used Covergirls Liquid Foundation in Buff Beige.
On the outer part of my face I used the shade Soft Honey.
I blended it all out and set it with Revlons Photo Ready Translucent Powder.

There you have it, todays makeup look! I hope everyone enjoyed it and I hope everyone can try it out! I love you all and I will be back tomorrow to do a different look! Have a great day and do not forget to follow my IG: @jackie_ulin KEEK: @jackie_themormon and FB: Jackeline Ulin 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm back! New pictorial!

Sorry I have been gone for a while! Okay, you all deserve an update, I GRADUATED! I am an official high school graduate! So on my KEEK I was updating most of the time and if you do not have a KEEK, I was telling my followers that I was going to get back on my blog as soon as I graduated. So now that I have, I am back.
So todays makeup pictorial is on the makeup look that I did for my graduation announcements. It was a dark black and navy blue eyeshadow look. So lets get started!

1. I started by priming my eyes with UD's Primer Potion, I put that all over my eye and under too.

2. With a fluffy brush I put the color Blackout from the NAKED 2, so I added that color above my crease and in the crease too. Also I added that color to the outer corner of my eye. Black is a harsh color to work with, the trick is to BLEND! 

3. On my eyelid I used a shimmer Navy Blue color, I do not know the name of the brand where I got this eyeshadow but any shimmery Navy Blue color will work. I used a flat shader brush, in padding motion add the color on the lid.

4. Under the eyes I used a Baby Blue shimmer color, again I do not recall the name of it but any Baby Blue color will work. With a smaller pencil brush, blend out the color. 

5. For the inner corner and brow bone I used the color Virgin from the NAKED 1. 

6. For eyeliner I used Wet N Wild Gel Liner in Black, I just used an eyeliner bent brush from E.L.F, also for the rim I used a normal black kohl pencil

7. The eyelashes pull the whole look together, I used waterproof mascara by Maybelline the Rocket Volume Express

There you have it! This look is more of a night time look because dark colors especially black are very harsh and deep to be worn in the daytime. But if you like deep colors for the day, go right on ahead and rock it! Okay, I hope you enjoyed this pictorial, also please do not forget to subscribe to my KEEK and follow me on IG: @jackie_ulin

I promise next time I do a look, I will take pictures step by step. I am sorry, I always forget, but do not worry I will not forget next time!! Thank you and have a great day everyone!

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