Monday, July 15, 2013

NYX Concealer Sticks Review

Hey guys! I know I have not posted a blog since July 3rd. I have no excuse, I just got really lazy and I really did not feel like posting anything. But today's post is going to be a review on two new products I bought from NYX. I really did not plan on buying these products but since I have not tried NYX brand yet, I decided these products would be perfect thing to buy. Then I thought about my Blog, so I said "This is going to be great to do a review about it in my blog!". So here I am today doing a review on NYX's Concealer Sticks! Let's get started!

(L to R)
NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer Stick (Green) / NYX As If It's Your Natural Skin Concealer Stick (Beige)

So when I first saw the products I thought they were really cute. Since I have never bought NYX brand before I did not know what to expect. I have heard great stuff about this brand and I have read some nice reviews about it too. One thing that I have heard a lot about this brand, is that it is really cheap and affordable. When I first heard cheap and affordable I thought, "Oh well that means that it lacks pigmentation and it is not worth it". Those were my thoughts at first about this brand. Either way, I decided to buy them, yes I was doubting it but I said "Let me give it a chance". 

So the first I am going to talk about is the Natural Skin Concealer.

I bought this concealer so I can be able to highlight the under parts of my eyes and to conceal my dark circles. Lets begin with the price, each concealer stick is $3.99, it was not pricey for the product, I will admit that. When I first applied this, I was worried it was going to crease and go in between my fine lines. When I first wore it, it did crease but it was because I did not set it with powder. When I wore it with a foundation 2 shades lighter than my skin so I can highlight my under eyes, it had a beautiful highlighted effect! I set it with a light foundation powder. It did not crease at all throughout the day. I live in a place where in the summer it gets really hot, so I was worried that it was going to wear off throughout the day but it did not. I loved it when I paired it with my foundation and powder. It is not thick and it does not feel cakey on your skin. It does feel kind of dry on your skin but it is not horrible feeling. I would recommend this concealer to anyone who wants that highlight effect but I recommend to set it with powder, If not then it will crease.  

The next product I bought was the Waterproof Concealer in the color Green.

The shade of this product is Green. This is to conceal the redness on your face. It helps to balance the out the redness and make the redness less visible. Again the price for this was also $3.99, not pricey at all. I bought this concealer stick because I have a lot blemishes and redness around it so I wanted something that would help the concealer and foundation stick on better. When you first apply it, it comes out green almost to the point of white. I dabbed some on my redness, let me just say that it is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I blended it out and added concealer, it did seem to remove some of my redness. On the other side of my face I added concealer to the redness to see if the green concealer worked. To be honest it did conceal the redness, obviously you could tell that there was a blemish there but the redness was not as visible as the other side. I was happy with this product. Again, it does not feel cakey but it does feel kind of dry on your skin. Add concealer to blend in, next add your foundation and set it with powder. It should stay on all day. I have oily skin and it stayed all day.

This is all based on my opinions and I was not paid or sponsored to do a review on these products. I bought all these products with my own money and I decided to make a review on this. I am happy doing these reviews because I love helping others on what to buy. I love helping people so anything I can do to help, I am willing to do so. Okay well I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog post and do not forget that I have another blog, the link should be on this blog, this other blog is about my life. I decided to separate my life post from my makeup posts. Which means I should probably change the name of this blog hahaha my bad. Okay well I hope everyone has a great week and be safe, love you all and do not forget to follow me on:

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  1. How waterproof is it? I'd like to be able to take it off easily :)

    1. It's very easy to remove. it's also really easy blend. Just don't forget to add some powder to set the concealer because it does have the tendency to set in your fine lines.

  2. Hi,
    Did you use the concealer everyday? How long did it last on you? What I mean is the span of the product if you are going to consume it daily. Ha ha ha! I think it’s the slimmest concealer that I’ve seen XD
    ~Pauline @Kallony