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Peach Brown Makeup Pictorial :)

Today I did this look inspired from once again Nicole Guerriero! This is from her YouTube Channel also! Okay well you guys better be happy because I actually made a pictorial on all the steps, I did a full face pictorial! So happy it to share it with you guys, okay lets get started!
Picture #1:
1. I started obviously with a fresh clean face and moisturized it with Nivea Creme.
2. It does not show in the picture what I used but I used NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer in the shade Green. This helps control the redness on your skin. I only used this where I have blemishes.
Picture #2:
1. I used CoverGirl Clean Oil Control Anti-Luisance Foundation in the shade Soft Honey (555).
2. I dabbed the foundation all over my skin and neck. I focus more on my cheeks and neck because that is where I have more discoloration. And I am a huge pusher about blending your foundation on your neck! Remember your neck has to match your face!
3. I use E.L.F's Powder Brush to blend in my foundation.
4. Just buff it out until everything is well blended and no streaks.
Picture #3:
1. I use Brun from MAC. I start by outlining the bottom of my brow with a Coastal Scents BR-B-S40 brush. 
2. Then with the same brush I outline the top of my brow. 
3. With my Make-Up For You Angle Brush I fill in my brow and blend it out with my Make-Up For You Eyebrow Comb. 
Picture #4:
1 & 2: I prime my lids and only my lids with Stila Prime Pot in the shade Taffy.
3. To prime the rest of my eye I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Original.
4. I then would add tape to make the eyeshadow a clean fnish but since I could not find any I used the back of a sticky note. Ghetto I know but who cares, improvise right?
Picture #5:
1. I used a Coastal Scents BR-B-S06 (fluffly) Brush. I used the Naked Palette, the shade Naked.
2. I added this over my crease, so I know where not to bring my eyeshadow too high.
3. Then I used BH Cosmetics 5th Editon 120 Color Palette Eyeshadow. I used a shimmery peach color, with a Make-Up For You Short Eye Shadow Brush.
4. I dabbed this color first so there will not be so much fall out. Once I dabbed it, I start gliding it all over my eyelid and up to my crease.
Picture #6:
1. I used a Coastal Scents BR-B-S06 (fluffly) Brush. I once again used BH Cosmetics 5th Editon 120 Color Palette Eyeshadow. The shade I used was a like a Taupe Brown, as you can tell its not very dark like the other browns.
2. I added this color right where I used the color Naked from before. So I add the color over and in the crease. I blend it out so there will not be a harsh line in and over the crease.
3. Then with the shade I used for my brows, Brun from MAC. I used Coastal Scents BR-B-S09 Brush. 
4. As you can see I added Brun under the brown color and blended it into the crease very softly. If you go in harsh, you will make a harsh line and it will take longer to blend.
Picture #7:
1. I then go back in with Coastal Scents BR-B-S06 (fluffly) Brush, with no additional product. I just blend everything out so no harsh lines are visible.
2. During our blending you lose some of the eyeshadow from your eyelid. That is normal, just go back in with the same brush as before and more of the eyeshadow.
3. I used Virgin from the Naked Palette with a Coastal Scents BR-B-S14 Brush.
4. I add this color on my brow bone to enhance it. If there is a harsh line between the highlight color and the browns just blend it out with a fluffy brush.
Picture #8:
1. Then with a Coastal Scents BR-B-S01 Brush to pick up the color DarkHorse from the Naked Palette.
2. I buffed out this color on my bottom lash line making it thick in the outer corner and then thin in the inner corner.
3.With the same brush, just clean off the other eyeshadow, I used Sin from the Naked Palette.
4. I added this color in the tear duct area bringing it up to the peach color and connecting to the DarkHorse color on my bottom lash line.
Picture #9:
1. NYX As If It's Your Natural Skin Concealer in the shade Beige.
2. So #3 is supposed to be #2 sorry. Outline with the concealer an upside down triangle.
3. So #2 is supposed to be #3 sorry. Fill in the upside down triangle with your concealer.
4. Do this to both sides. It will give the under part of your eyes a highlighted effect, while concealing your dark circles.
Picture #10:
1. Maybelline New York EyeStudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black with a Coastal Scents BR-B-S15 Brush.
2. I started by drawing out a line right where the eyeshadow ends. I traced that clean line.
3. This picture was supposed to show how I connect it to my lash line but that obviously it did not show that.
4. This shows how the finished eyeliner. Honestly to conquer the winged liner just takes practice. I'm not really good at it, I'm still trying to perfect it but I have gotten better. So just practice!
Picture #11:
1. CoverGirl Oil Control Anti-Luisance Foundation in the shade Buff Beige (525).
2. I dab the foundation right on top of the concealer. Be careful and do not add to much because then it will look TOO light under your eyes.
3.E.L.F's Small Stipple Brush.
4. Buff out the concealer and foundation all the way up to your temples, bridge of the nose, chin, and forehead. Blend it out really well because no one wants to see the line difference on your temples or cheeks. So blend!
Picture of #12:
1. Revlon's PhotoReady Translucent Pressed Powder with a Coastal Scents BR-B-S27 Brush.
2. I use this to mattefy the under parts of my eyes.
3. Revlon's PhotoReady Translucent Pressed Powder with a Make-Up For You Powder Brush.
4. I just add this powder all over my face for a matte finish.
Picture #13:
1. Milani Face Powder in the shade Dark Tan (07) with a Make-Up For You Contour Brush.
2. I add the bronzer under my cheekbones and a littler bit over my cheekbones. I blend it out towards my temples and forehead. I also add some on my neck.
3. This blush is from a Victoria's Secret Makeup Set, I do not know the name but a pink/peachy color blush will work. With a Make-Up For You Blush Brush. 
4. I just dusted some of that blush on my cheeks over the cheekbones and a tad on the apple of my cheeks. I'm a fan of blush but when I have blemishes I tend to not add so much because it makes my blemishes stand out.
Picture #14:
1. Benefit's Whats Up Highlighter
2. I add this on the high points of my cheek bones. I just do a line and blend it out with my finger until the line is no longer very visible.
3. I use again the same bronzer and use Make-Up For You Contour Brush.
4. My nose is already pointy so there really is no need for me contour but I do it to add some warmth to the middle of my face.
Picture #15:
1. Maybelline's The Mega Plush Volum Express WaterProof and The Colossal Volum Express WaterProof Mascara.
2. MAC's Mattene Lipstick in Night Violet.
3. I just added this all over my lips, I did not use a lip liner or lip brush, but I recommend to do use these for a more precise and clean look.
4. And we are done. I hope you all stuck around to read everything. This post is long because of all the pictures. But it did does not take long to do this look. I hope you all can re-create Nicole's look, she is Amazing!

Okay well I hope you all have a great day and have a fun and safe weekend. I hope I can do another post on Sunday or Monday. I do not know yet but I'll see. Okay well do not forget to follow me at:

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