Friday, August 23, 2013

Maybelline's Vivid Lipsticks Review

It is yet another review! I recently went to Target to obviously buy some makeup products. For the longest time ever I have been wanting to buy some lipsticks that are super bright! And I found some! They are the Maybelline Vivid Lipsticks
Lets begin with some swatches...

(Top to Bottom)
Shocking Coral, Pink & Proper, Fuchsia Flash

Shocking Coral:
Well to begin I bought this lipstick because like I said before I wanted a bright lipstick and coral was the way to go. I love this color because it is super bright and such a cute color that can match anything. It is also a great color you can work with when you want to step out of your comfort zone. It was a tad bit pricey for a drugstore lipstick, it was $5.54 at Target. I know for a fact it can be cheaper at Walmart. I bought it at Target because I was unavailable to go to the other town for Walmart. Anywho, I really like this color. The great part about these lipsticks are that you do not necessarily need to add gloss because it gives it a sheer finish to it. I really recommend this color. 

Pink & Proper:
Now this is my second favorite color! I got a less exaggerated pink color because I wanted a lipstick that will be awesome to wear with bold eyes or for a soft look. Yes I love bright colors but a softer pink can be worn perfectly in the daytime. This lipstick has some shimmer to it which can makeup your lips look fuller. This lipstick has more of a glossy finish, which is good. This lip color are for those who still want to be in their comfort zone but want to add a pop of color to their soft look or bold eyes. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars. It is still a great lip color, but it is more for those who like to stay in their comfort zone, which is perfectly fine. We are all beautiful and slowly we grow and start experimenting new things. It is a very cute pink shimmery lipstick.

Fuchsia Flash:
Now comes my favorite lipstick! Fuchsia Flash really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and try new lip colors that were not just nude or subtle pinks. I love this color becuase it reminds me of Nicki Minaj and the fun crazy lip colors she wears. I really wanted to buy this color becuase it makes me feel more girly and more of a makeup artist. Why I say 'more of a makeup artist'? Makeup artist are not afraid of trying new things, thy love playing with new colors and products becuase they are artist, they want to explore the different things that can help them become a better artist. They are artist, they might not paint in canvases but they "paint" faces. This is how this lipstick made me feel and the revelation it gave me. I love all three colors but this would have to be my favorite. I would recommend adding a gloss to make it stand out more or if you want to tone it down add a nude lipgloss or less pink lipstick. Totally recommend this color I everyone!

Well there you have it loves, my new review! I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope I can help you when you want to buy these lipsticks. I was not disappointed with any if them. Thank you again for viewing my beauty blog. 
I love the support!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pop of Purple (Inspired by Stephanie Prado)

Today's look was inspired by a female who has such beautiful makeup looks on her Instagram. Her name is Stephanie Prado, her Instagram name is @stephanie_dianee. I really wanted to try it out because it was a simple yet level one makeup look. What I mean about 'level one' is because I do not have a lot of experience working with colors so I thought this a good way to practice. So lets begin...

  • Jergens Shea Butter Lotion
  • MAC's Pro Longwear Foundation in NC35
  • MAC's Prep + Prime Highlighter Enluminator in Bright Forecast
  • Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in shade Light
  • For my eyebrows you can go see my eyebrow pictorial in my previous post. But I will list the products and brushes I used.
  • MAC's Brun eyeshadow
  • Flat Liner brush from Coastal Scents
  • Angled Liner brush by Make-Up For You
  • Spoolie brush
  • NYX Concealer Stick in shade Beige
  • Angled Liner brush from Target
  • UD's Primer Potion in Original
  • With a fluffy brush add Buck from the Naked palette in above and in the crease.
  • In the outer corner and half of the eyelid add a light purple and use a dome fluffy brush to pat this color. This to give it a soft look but at the same time blending it in with the brown.
  • In the other half of the eyelid which should be the inner corner use a light matte peach color and pat this with the same dome brush. DON'T FORGET TO BLEND!
  • For the bottom of the lash line I used a bright purple and blended this color with a small definer brush.
  • With that same brush I add a deep bright blue only to the middle of the lash line. I didn't bring it to the ends of the lash line. 
  • Just blend these two colors together.
  • For liner I used Maybelline's Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black
  • On the waterline I used UD's 24/7 Glide On Pencil Liner in Zero
  • I used the new mascara I bought at target by Maybelline which is the Falsies Big Eyes Mascara in Waterpoof
Cheeks & Lips:
  • ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzer
  • Maybelline's Lipstick in 20 Pink & Proper
  • For highlighter on the cheekbones I used Virgin from the Naked palette
Well that is it guys, my makeup of the day! I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope you all can check out Stephanie's Instgram. I give her all the credit because this is her look, I just recreated it.
Thank you guys for viewing my blog, I hope this gives you inspiration to chase after your dreams and set worth while goals. Love you guys!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can it be? Eyebrow Pictorial!

I've been wanting to do this for a while now. It's my eyebrow pictorial. The reason why I've been wanting to do it is because I love showing you guys my makeup routines and/or looks. So here it is! Let's begin...

Step 1:
- Start off with a naked brow
Step 2:
- Brush out brow with a spoolie brush (if that is how you spell it)
Step 3:
- Outline bottoms brow with a flat liner brush, mines is by Coastal Scents

Step 4:
-Outline the top portion of the brow with the same brush
Step 5:
- Shade in the brow with an angles brow brush, mines is by Make-Up For You
Step 6:
- Add concealer on the bottom of the brow, I used NYX Concealer Stick in shade Beige

Step 7:
- With an angled liner brush clean up and sharpen the outline of your brow. I did not add concealer on the top because whatever excess I had on the brush I used it for the top
Step 8:
-Brush out the brow with the spoolie brush to comb out the hairs
Step 9:
- There to have it, a clean well shaped brow. 
That was my eyebrow pictorial. I tried explaining everything the way I did it. I hope you all enjoys it and I hope it was very helpful. Please if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me.  Okay I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week. I love you guys and thank you for viewing my beauty blog!

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

20 Facts About Me (Beauty Edition)

So I saw one of the beauty gurus on Blogger do this, JKissa. And I really wanted to try it out, so I will! Lets begin...

  1. I ALWAYS have to wear full face makeup, even when it's super HOT.
  2. Bronzer is my passion
  3. My right winged liner ALWAYS comes out better.
  4. False lashes are my weaknesses.
  5. People say MAC Artists wear cakey makeup, but I LOVE that look.
  6. I cannot leave the house without wearing lipgloss or lipstick.
  7. Browns are my favorite shades of eyeshadow.
  8. I am that type of girl that will wear a dark smokey eye in the daytime.
  9. My point of view: Matte shadows are better than shimmery
  10. I am addicted to makeup brushes.
  11. I spend hours on YouTube watching makeup tutorials.
  12. Before applying makeup, I must moisturize with a thick lotion even though I have oily skin.
  13. I love doing PERFECT eyebrows instead of trying to make NATURAL LOOKING eyebrows.
  14. I used to HATE makeup.
  15. My first beauty product was the NAKED PALETTE.
  16. Pigments are a must!
  17. I dream of working at MAC.
  18. I get intimidated when I enter a MAC store.
  19. My favorite part of my makeup routine would have to be applying foundation.
  20. Makeup is my passion.
There you have it, 20 facts about me (beauty edition). I kinda like doing this. I shall do it more often! Anywho, it was not as easy as I thought but it was fun thinking about it! I know this is my second post in one day but I rather have this than waiting a week for another post.

What's Next:
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Jackeline U

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Long Time No Post, Dark Orangey Look

My birthday was the 16th of August and yes I had so much fun. I am officially 18 years old. I am very excited because I have also started college. So far so good.

I know I have been gone for a while but I just have not had great inspiration to do a blog post because I felt my makeup looks were not great enough to post. But today I felt it was time to post. Today's look was inspired by Linda Hallberg. I tried recreating her look but it did not look similar but I am giving her credit because she was a huge inspiration on this look. Let's get started!

  • Jergen's Shea Butter Lotion
  • MAC's Pro Longwear Foundation in NC35
  • MAC's Prep + Prime Highlighter Enluminator in Bright Forecast
  • Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in shade Light
Brows & Eyes:
  • MAC's Brun Eyeshadow
  • Outline the brow first with a flat liner brush , top and bottom
  • Then shade it in with an angled brush
  • Next add concealer. I used NYX concealer stick in shade Beige under the brows to clean up and sharpen the shape of the brows. I used an angled liner brush
  • Then brush out the brows with a brow brush
  • UD's Primer Potion in Original
  • I started but using Buck from the Naked Palette and blended out this color above my crease with a fluffy brush.
  • The next colors are from BH Cosmetics 5th Edition 120 Color Palette
  • Then with an angled fluffy brush I added a shimmery dark orange color in the crease and above it also but not higher than the brown color.
  • On the lid I added a light pink matte shade with a fluffy eyelid brush. I added this color on the lid while blending it in to the shimmery dark orange color. 
  • On the middle of the lid I added a shimmery light green color. With a flat shader brush.
  • For the bottom lash line I used a black eyeshadow that has green sparkles. I blend it out so it can give it a soft smokey effect.
  • To highlight the brow bone I used Virgin from the Naked Palette.
  • For the liner I used Maybelline's EyeStudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black
  • On the waterline I used UD's 24/7 Pencil Liner in the color Zero
  • Mascara I used Maybelline's Colossal Volum Express and Benefits' They're Real Mascara
Cheeks & Lips:
  • Milani's Face Powder in Dark Tan
  • VS Light Pink Shimmery Blush
  • Virgin from the Naked Palette to highlight the cheekbones
  • Chapstick
  • Jordana's LOL Super Shiny Gloss in 105 GR8
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I hope you can all recreate the look that was inspired by Linda Hallberg. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! I love you guys and thank you for viewing my blog!

The long awaited Updated Eyebrow Pictorial!

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Recreation from Poohbeezy's Look

Hey! So today's look is a re-creation from Poohbeezy's look from her Instagram. I did change one thing but everything else is the same. If you would like to see how I got this look and what products I used, stick around to read more. But first lets look at Poohbeezy's look and how I recreated it. I give all credit to Poohbeezy because this is her look and her picture.

The top pictures are Poohbeezy's from her Instagram: @poohbeezy. I really got inspired to do this look because I usually never do makeup looks involving bright colors or usually any colors at all. I like my neutrals and browns. But I was inspired by this picture because it has bright colors yet is uses browns at the same time. So, I really wanted to do this look because I felt it really went with what I am comfortable with but also doing something out of my comfort zone. 

So yes, I give all the credit to Poohbeezy because this is her look and picture on top. If you would like to see what products I used to recreate this look, stay and read. Thank you, and lets get started!

  • Moisturize the face with Nivea Cremé
  • NYX concealer stick in the shade Green, to conceal the redness on my face
  • NYX concealer stick in the beige to conceal the blemishes on my face
  • CoverGirl Oil Control Anti-Luisance Foundation in the shade Soft Honey (555)
  • Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in the shade Light
Brows & Eyes:
  • For the brows I used Brun from MAC and I started by outlining the brows top and bottom with a Coastal Scents Elite Flat Liner Brush
  • I then filled it in with a brow angled brush and brushed it out with a brow brush.
  • To make the brows look sharp and clean I used the NYX concealer stick in the shade beige with UD shadow brush that came in the Naked Palette to clean up the bottom and top part of my brows.
  • I primed the eyes with UD's Primer Potion in Original
  • I then put tape to the ends of my eyes to make the eyeshadows have a sharp clean finish
  • I started with a matte yellow shadow and rubbed it all over my eyelid and into my crease. I added this color until I got the brightness I wanted.
  • Then above my crease, I used Buck from the Naked Palette using a fluffy blending brush I blended this color above my crease. I did not bring this color in the inner corner of my eyes.
  • Then I blended out the brown and yellow in my crease.
  • With a small fluffy defining brush I added a teal shimmery color under my lash line and buffed it out all the way to the inner corner of my eye. I added this color until it was a deep teal color.
  • Then with the same brush I added a baby blue shimmery color and added it on top of the teal color until it was a bright baby blue shade.
  • Since I wanted I deeper brown where the brown and yellow connected I added DarkHorse from the Naked Palette with a fluffy angled brush in the crease. I only added a small amount because I did not want a dark line there. I blended that color with a fluffy brush.
  • In the tear duct area I used a shimmery white shadow with my pinky finger. This gives the illusion of brighter and wider eyes.
  • For liner I used Maybelline's Gel EyeStudio Liner in Blackest Black and made a small but thick liner and wing.
  • In the waterline I used UD's 24/7 Kohl Pencil in the color Zero.
  • For Lashes I am using Ardell's Wispies Lashes and mascara Maybelline's the Rocket Volum Express for both top and bottom lashes.
Cheeks & Lips:
  • Milani Multi-Purpose Face Powder in Dark Tan (07)
  • Blush is a shimmery soft rosy pink blush
  • Benefits Whats Up Highlighter Stick
  • Nivea Cremé to moisturize the lips
  • MAC's Mattene Lipstick in Night Violet
  • Jordana's LOL Super Shiny Gloss in 105 GR8
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I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend. If you would like to contact me for questions or anything, I have a contact box in the tab that says "Contact Me". I hope you enjoyed my recreation of Poohbeezy's look, please follow her because she has some great looks. Once again I give all the credit to Poohbeezy, this is her look and picture.

Jackeline U.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder Review

Today's blog post is a review on a new pressed powder that I recently purchased from Walmart. Well, it is a new product for me. As you can see from the title it is Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder. Lets begin!

To start of I purchased this product with my own money that I worked for. 
I really wanted to try a new powder because as most of you know, I would use Revlon's PhotoReady Translucent Pressed Powder. I liked that powder but it had some shimmer or sparkles on it and I wanted something matte. I was originally going to buy another PhotoReady powder but in a different shade.

But the whole point of me going to Walmart was to buy some new products. Since my favorite drugstore brand is Revlon, I decided to look for some new powders. I saw this one. When I first grabbed it I thought the shade Fair was dark. It looks dark in the package when you first see it. But since I was not too sure about Fair, I decided to get Light (I thought I would risk getting a darker shade). 

So when I opened the package it no longer looked dark. It actually looked too light for my skin. So I thought "Crap! I just bought a powder too light for my skin!" I was actually disappointed because I had spent $7.49 which is not bad but still it is money. 

I then swatched it on my fingers and it did look too light. I was afraid to use it. But I decided to give it a  try anyways. 

OH MY GOSH! I fell in love! I was so surprised how perfect this matched my skin! I really did think it was going to be to light on my skin. Since my neck is darker than my face I always buy face products that will match my neck. And this matched my neck perfectly! I actually felt bad that I was talking bad about this product without even trying it out.

It makes your skin look so soft and it leaves it matte all day! It feels so light on your skin, it does not leave your skin with that cake feeling. It also feels really soft on your face. I have naturally oily skin and this mattified my skin. It is so light-weight and perfect. My skin color is usually beige and so to use a powder that is Light was a bit of a shock to me. It matches your skin perfectly. I love it. This has become a favorite of mines. And it does not have an icky smell to it either. 

Yes, I would totally recommend this product to those who want that soft yet light-weight look. It keeps it matte all day and it matches skins easily. It keeps your skin looking soft and it does not feel cakey. I would keep re-purchasing this product. 

This was my review. Remember this is based on my opinions and my thoughts. I was not paid to do this review.

Okay so I hope everyone has a great week and I will talk to you all soon! Love you!
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Daytime Silver Makeup Look Inspired by Linda Hallberg

To start of this was one of my favorite looks to recreate! I love the way it came out in the end. Linda Hallberg is one of my favorite Makeup Artist out there. She has the most amazing looks and she never disappoints. I got this picture from her Instagram, so if you want to check her out her IG name is @lindahallbergs. I tried to recreate this look with the products I had that looked similar, so no it will not look exactly the same but I tried.
My version of this look is not as pigmented as hers but I tried to use similar shades. I recreated this look and I hope you all like because I really love the way it came out in the end. This was a day look so it will not look as dark. So I give credit to Linda Hallberg because this is her picture and her look. I do not own this picture, it came from her Instagram: @lindahallbergs. Check her out because she is super talented. Alright so lets get started!

  • First step I started with a clean fresh face and moisturized with Nivea Cremé
  • Second step sprayed ELFs Makeup Mist & Set
  • I used NYX Concealer Stick in the shade Green to conceal the redness around my face
  • I then used CoverGirls Oil Control Anti-Luisance Foundation in Soft Honey (555)
  • Then I used Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in the shade Light. I love this foundation, I think I will do a review on it.
Brows & Eyes:
  • I used Brun from MAC to outline and fill in my eyebrows. I have a tutorial on how I do my eyebrows in my Peach Brown Pictorial.
  • I did something this time to make my eyebrows appear more clean. I used concealer to clean up around my brows. I know a lot of MUAs do this but I never did because I was still learning but I decided to do it for this look, and to be honest I LOVED IT! I used NYX concealer stick in the shade Beige.
  • I then primed my eyes with UD's Primer Potion in Original.
  • Then with the Naked Palette I used Buck and with a fluffy brush I added this shade above my crease. I did not put a heavy load of brown. Then I dusted some in my crease and lid, just a tad bit.
  • With an angled fluffy brush I got a deep purple that almost looks black. It was a very deep violet/purple color from BH Cosmetics 5th Edition 120 Colors. I added this to the outer corner under the brown and blended it a third of the way into the crease. Do not add this color close to the inner corner because we a soft smokey effect. 
  • Then I added more primer on the lid where there is no product. Just a little bit because you do not want to ruin you beautiful work.
  • I then went in with a medium/dark silver color from the Naked 2 palette. I added this color all over the empty space. I added about a good amount because I wanted it to look very pigmented.
  • Then with a very shimmery bright silver, I added this on top of the medium/dark silver. The bright silver is from the BH Cosmetics 5th Edition 120 Colors.
  • I added this around my tear duct area and on my lash line, only close to the tear duct area.
  • Then with a matte black, dusted some on the outer corner under the deep purple just to make it a bit darker. Only dust a little, remember it is a daytime look.
  • Then on my lash line I used the deep purple shade and blended to the silver.
  • I used Maybelline's Gel Liner in Blackest Black, I did a small wing, nothing to dramatic.
  • For lashes I used Salon Perfect 105 Lashes in Black.
  • For Mascara I used Maybelline's Mega Plush Volum Express.
  • To contour I used of course Milani's Face Powder in Dark Tan
  • Blush is from VS makeup set, the blush has subtle shimmer. It is a rosy pink blush, very light.
  • Benefits Whats Up Highlighter Stick
  • Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Montego Bay
  • Jordanas LOL Super Shiny Gloss in 105 GR8
Well that was my version of Linda Hallberg's makeup look. I hope everyone enjoyed it and if you want please follow me:

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