Saturday, August 3, 2013

Daytime Silver Makeup Look Inspired by Linda Hallberg

To start of this was one of my favorite looks to recreate! I love the way it came out in the end. Linda Hallberg is one of my favorite Makeup Artist out there. She has the most amazing looks and she never disappoints. I got this picture from her Instagram, so if you want to check her out her IG name is @lindahallbergs. I tried to recreate this look with the products I had that looked similar, so no it will not look exactly the same but I tried.
My version of this look is not as pigmented as hers but I tried to use similar shades. I recreated this look and I hope you all like because I really love the way it came out in the end. This was a day look so it will not look as dark. So I give credit to Linda Hallberg because this is her picture and her look. I do not own this picture, it came from her Instagram: @lindahallbergs. Check her out because she is super talented. Alright so lets get started!

  • First step I started with a clean fresh face and moisturized with Nivea Cremé
  • Second step sprayed ELFs Makeup Mist & Set
  • I used NYX Concealer Stick in the shade Green to conceal the redness around my face
  • I then used CoverGirls Oil Control Anti-Luisance Foundation in Soft Honey (555)
  • Then I used Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in the shade Light. I love this foundation, I think I will do a review on it.
Brows & Eyes:
  • I used Brun from MAC to outline and fill in my eyebrows. I have a tutorial on how I do my eyebrows in my Peach Brown Pictorial.
  • I did something this time to make my eyebrows appear more clean. I used concealer to clean up around my brows. I know a lot of MUAs do this but I never did because I was still learning but I decided to do it for this look, and to be honest I LOVED IT! I used NYX concealer stick in the shade Beige.
  • I then primed my eyes with UD's Primer Potion in Original.
  • Then with the Naked Palette I used Buck and with a fluffy brush I added this shade above my crease. I did not put a heavy load of brown. Then I dusted some in my crease and lid, just a tad bit.
  • With an angled fluffy brush I got a deep purple that almost looks black. It was a very deep violet/purple color from BH Cosmetics 5th Edition 120 Colors. I added this to the outer corner under the brown and blended it a third of the way into the crease. Do not add this color close to the inner corner because we a soft smokey effect. 
  • Then I added more primer on the lid where there is no product. Just a little bit because you do not want to ruin you beautiful work.
  • I then went in with a medium/dark silver color from the Naked 2 palette. I added this color all over the empty space. I added about a good amount because I wanted it to look very pigmented.
  • Then with a very shimmery bright silver, I added this on top of the medium/dark silver. The bright silver is from the BH Cosmetics 5th Edition 120 Colors.
  • I added this around my tear duct area and on my lash line, only close to the tear duct area.
  • Then with a matte black, dusted some on the outer corner under the deep purple just to make it a bit darker. Only dust a little, remember it is a daytime look.
  • Then on my lash line I used the deep purple shade and blended to the silver.
  • I used Maybelline's Gel Liner in Blackest Black, I did a small wing, nothing to dramatic.
  • For lashes I used Salon Perfect 105 Lashes in Black.
  • For Mascara I used Maybelline's Mega Plush Volum Express.
  • To contour I used of course Milani's Face Powder in Dark Tan
  • Blush is from VS makeup set, the blush has subtle shimmer. It is a rosy pink blush, very light.
  • Benefits Whats Up Highlighter Stick
  • Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Montego Bay
  • Jordanas LOL Super Shiny Gloss in 105 GR8
Well that was my version of Linda Hallberg's makeup look. I hope everyone enjoyed it and if you want please follow me:

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FB: Jackeline Ulin

I really hope everyone has a nice weekend and I hope you all like my semi-pictorials. If you like my blog don't forget to share it with friends!


"People will stare. Make it worth their while"
-Harry Winston


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