Sunday, August 4, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder Review

Today's blog post is a review on a new pressed powder that I recently purchased from Walmart. Well, it is a new product for me. As you can see from the title it is Revlon's Nearly Naked Pressed Powder. Lets begin!

To start of I purchased this product with my own money that I worked for. 
I really wanted to try a new powder because as most of you know, I would use Revlon's PhotoReady Translucent Pressed Powder. I liked that powder but it had some shimmer or sparkles on it and I wanted something matte. I was originally going to buy another PhotoReady powder but in a different shade.

But the whole point of me going to Walmart was to buy some new products. Since my favorite drugstore brand is Revlon, I decided to look for some new powders. I saw this one. When I first grabbed it I thought the shade Fair was dark. It looks dark in the package when you first see it. But since I was not too sure about Fair, I decided to get Light (I thought I would risk getting a darker shade). 

So when I opened the package it no longer looked dark. It actually looked too light for my skin. So I thought "Crap! I just bought a powder too light for my skin!" I was actually disappointed because I had spent $7.49 which is not bad but still it is money. 

I then swatched it on my fingers and it did look too light. I was afraid to use it. But I decided to give it a  try anyways. 

OH MY GOSH! I fell in love! I was so surprised how perfect this matched my skin! I really did think it was going to be to light on my skin. Since my neck is darker than my face I always buy face products that will match my neck. And this matched my neck perfectly! I actually felt bad that I was talking bad about this product without even trying it out.

It makes your skin look so soft and it leaves it matte all day! It feels so light on your skin, it does not leave your skin with that cake feeling. It also feels really soft on your face. I have naturally oily skin and this mattified my skin. It is so light-weight and perfect. My skin color is usually beige and so to use a powder that is Light was a bit of a shock to me. It matches your skin perfectly. I love it. This has become a favorite of mines. And it does not have an icky smell to it either. 

Yes, I would totally recommend this product to those who want that soft yet light-weight look. It keeps it matte all day and it matches skins easily. It keeps your skin looking soft and it does not feel cakey. I would keep re-purchasing this product. 

This was my review. Remember this is based on my opinions and my thoughts. I was not paid to do this review.

Okay so I hope everyone has a great week and I will talk to you all soon! Love you!
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