Friday, September 13, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

I see a lot of YouTube Gurus do this and I have been wanting to do it for my blog. So here goes nothing. Let' get started...
  1. I am very sarcastic when it comes to explaining something or telling a story.
  2. I am 5'2.
  3. I want to pursue a career in the surgical field.
  4. I had to wear braces for three years!
  5. I was born in Los Angeles.
  6. I am a Mormon.
  7. I have three sisters and one brother, I am the second to last child.
  8. My childhood dream was to become a professional break dancer. 
  9. When it comes to my personal space, I need everything to be clean.
  10. I do not eat ham.
  11. Seafood is my straight up weakness!
  12. One Direction fan, all the way, #DIRECTIONER
  13. I just got a twitter couple months ago.
  14. I hate math.
  15. I have bald spots on my eyebrows because I shaved them off once.
  16. When I was younger, I would pull my hair whenever I got mad.
  17. I am 18 years old and still don't have a drivers license. 
  18. I only watch soccer games when Mexico or USA is playing. 
  19. If not, only when the World Cup happens (which is every 4 years).
  20. I like being a loner.
  21. I am a homebody.
  22. I attended Girls Camp for 6 year and never did we sleep in tents or cabins (THAT is REAL camping).
  23. I don't know how to pluck/wax my own eyebrows.
  24. I have two dogs (pitbull and chihuahua).
  25. My favorite food is Pozole (Mexican soup).
  26. I don't like birthday cake.
  27. I like cheesecake instead.
  28. In my spare time I like to lay on my couch and nap for hours.
  29. My all time favorite TV show is GREYS ANATOMY, nothing could replace that.
  30. I have a burn mark on my right arm that looks like a raindrop.
  31. I've never been or ever will be on a sports team.
  32. I was born in August (summertime), but I HATE summer weather. 
  33. Laughing is the way of relieving how nervous I am.
  34. When napping, I get SUPER cranky when people wake me up.
  35. I started the acne stage in my last couple months of my senior year.
  36. I'm afraid of mosquitos and flies.
  37. I get scared easily, especially of the dark.
  38. I sleep with a nightlight.
  39. I share a room with my two sisters.
  40. I once had a dog that had puppies 3 times and everytime, most of them did not survive.
  41. I am a picky eater.
  42. I only shop at Old Navy.
  43. I do not know how to curl my hair, I have to ask my 16 year old sister to do so.
  44. I have naturally straight hair.
  45. I am a chatterbox.
  46. When I was younger I stepped in a stream and yelled out "Aaaahhhh! It's wet!".
  47. I fell off a zip line and got a gnarly scar on my head.
  48. I have been in 5 car accidents.
  49. My older sister and I have matching scars on our heads.
  50. I hiked HALF DOME!
I hope this lets you know a little bit more about me! It was hard to think of facts, I had to get my sisters help. But I like this tag! I hope you like it and find some interesting things about me! That was my blog post for the day! Have a great weekend! Love you guys!

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